Updating boss md2

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So far, this is the greatest distortion to me in all of Boss’ lineup. I’d sum this one up as so over the top distortion, that it isn’t one in the vast number of normal distortions.

Quite nice to run into something like this instead of thousands of standard distortions.

If you are returning multiple items, please submit an individual request for each item (if you ordered a bundle, for example a pedal with a free pack of picks or strings, the bundle counts as one item and must be returned as a whole).

If the form does not load for you, please email [email protected]

I have seen mods online for purchase of this kind of mod, but all I'm really after is what parts were used to do this.(e.g DIST is the \"amp distortion\", GAIN BOOST is like a tube screamer in front of it)- Change the frequency the \"Tone\" control adjusts to something more in the mids region, making it a little less raspy. I can get a schematic, but I'm just wondering what parts I would require to do this myself.

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The dual-stage distortion circuit with an added gain boost, plus the Bottom and Tone controls can be used to dial-in heavy distortion with sustain and massive low end.All returns should be insured by the buyer and sent via UPS, Fedex, or USPS with tracking.



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