My exhusband is dating help

soooo...that's all the more reason to stay away from my son...right?!? Although your ex should be respectful to you for the sake of your son, it is not your decision who can and cannot be around him when he is with his father. However, if he puts your child in danger or around a potentially harmful situation or a dangerous person, you can request suspension of parental visits; but to just decide of your own accord that this person your ex decides to be with is not suitable to be around your son is ridiculous.You aren't helping the situation by trying to control the situation.anyone i've dated since we split up have not met my son.they know i have a son, but do not meet him until i think necassary (at this point, no one has). my ex said she's been "thru hell and back" and needs help. K.: You may not like my response, so read on only if you want an honest opinion. my ex husband is dating someone 16 years younger than him and she is 16 years older than our son. i just need advice how to get through it all i guess.Again, just my perspecive, hope you can see past the age and just try to look at other judging factors.


But I certain wouldnt medal too much in your ex's relationship. If you left him of course the answer is you got rid of him because you apparently didn't agree with his decision making so you really get no say so now.You have the opportunity to set an example of how an adult woman should act for your son and your ex's new girlfriend.If you respect yourself, and your son, don't act like the typical ex-wife - and, before anyone gets their tailfeathers ruffled, not all ex-wives are "typical! Troublesome, yes, but you can't do anything about it. There's also no getting thru to him either though, so you're probably wasting your energy still trying to change him since he's truely not yours anymore.It is in the best interest of everyone if you just remind your ex to think of the well being of your son and to always keep your son's safety in mind and not demand that who he dates meets your approval.


If you were to put your feelings aside and make an effort to become friends with the other woman, she'd be much more apt to take excellent care of your son.That's the trouble with divorce or never marrying; you can't control what your child is exposed to in someone else's house, yet you can't keep them away, either. All I know for now is that my daughter "loves Rachel Mommy" ...yes, it hurts, but she's happy and that's what i keep telling myself.


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