Speed dating events london review


Once you're done speed dating, head back to the West London club for a night of fun.

Date in a Dash has everything for your speed dating needs.

The single life needn't send shivers down your spine.

What with London home to not hundred, but hundreds of thousands of single scoundrels, dating can often be daunting, but that's where we come in.

” were the sorts of questions fired my way, along with the bog-standard, “Where do you work? I’d also made the classic errors of a) failing to tick ‘yes’ or ‘no’ straight after each speed date, and b) failing to make any notes to distinguish each man from the next.

It was the same formula: women sit at tables around the room, men move from table to table every three minutes when the whistle is blown – and it wasn’t actually bad.

Not only do they host traditional speed dating events around London with a variety of age ranges, they host other events including things like Drunk Jenga, Singles Bar Crawls and more.


At this comedy event, everyone is single, so talk to who you want – all while listening to some amazing jokes, as well as great music.“Never again,” I’d decided after a nauseating speed dating experience three years ago. As a result, by the end I’d confused myself entirely as to who was who and had a banging headache, so I hastily ticked a few boxes on the scorecard before handing in my slip – only to regret the entire thing the next morning, when I emailed the organisers and asked them to remove my scorecard from the count. But in my defence, speed dating was a bit much for my 23-year-old self.Where I’d expected cute, dateable men; instead I found a lot of desperate wife-hunters with mental checklists in tow. So, last night – three years on – and armed with another single friend, a new scorecard and a renewed sense of optimism, I gave it another punt.This fun London dating event is a great way to meet new people, whether you're looking for new friends or something more.

Enjoy a glass of wine and delicious meal while you mingle with other single professionals.Find love in the back of a black cab with these unique speed dating event.



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