Tribal dating rituals

Eighth-century illumination usually depicts scenes from the life of Christ, however the Kells illuminators were exuberantly creative, drawing from the rich context of Irish religious imagery and Celtic artistic tradition.



The book remained at Kells throughout the Middle Ages; venerated as a relic it survived Viking plunderings, arsons, and regicides, although it was lost and recovered, and stripped of its ornamented treasure binding by thieves in 1007.

So many of the open letters (B, O, P, R) are filled with color that a viewer of Kells can imagine the monk being like so many of us, fillers of open letters., which was time-consuming to prepare properly but made for an excellent, smooth writing surface.

680 individual pages (340 folios) have survived, and of them only two lack any form of artistic ornamentation.

Today the Book of Kells resides at the Library of the Trinity College of Dublin., primarily living in the North and East.

They are famous world-wide for their stone sculptures, which date from the around the 5th to the 9th centuries AD.There are decorations at the start of each paragraph and within some sentences.


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