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Kumasi has 50% of the timber industry of Ashantiland, and the Kaasi Industrial Area plays an important role in the local industry. Much of the shopping and trading activity in the city takes place at Kumasi's shopping streets, in and around Kejetia Market and Adum.These two areas – Kejetia and Adum – have a common boundary.The ruler of Kumasi, known as the Asantehene, also served as ruler of the Confederacy.With their 1701 victory over Denkyira the Asante confederacy became the primary state among the Ashantis.There is also heavy economic activities at Bantama and Asafo. Most of the printing done in Kumasi and Ashanti Region as a whole is done in Kumasi.There are both government assisted Primary Schools in Kumasi and also private Primary schools in Kumasi which educate boys and girls between the ages from 6 to 15.Kumasi is near Lake Bosomtwe, in a rain forest region, and is the commercial, industrial and cultural capital of Asanteman.

The city almost features two rainy seasons: a longer season from March through July and a shorter rainy season from September to November.A huge characteristic of Kejetia is its human traffic which becomes unbearable during festive occasions like Christmas and Easter.


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