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We’ve been blessed with several godly couples who spoke truth into our lives at key moments, but in between, books have mentored us into a healthier marriage.When it comes to marriage books, there are a LOT I’ve read and a whole lot more on my reading list.I think we are definitely still in the newlywed stage.We haven’t had any big arguments yet — nothing we couldn’t solve within an hour.


This is a daily devotional with one-page devotionals, which means it’s really easy to find the time to read it together.It’s never too early to start strengthening your relationship!Let’s start with the books we read before we were married.It talks about five different love languages that we all have — some stronger than others — for how we give and receive love best.

This is a book Travis and I are currently reading through after taking the test to see what our top love language is.

These are gems you’ll want to revisit again and again, and your marriage will be the better for it.


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