Innovation speed dating


The MM is a framework for how you can think about your school’s innovation journey, and the Summit Backpack toolkit will help you imagine and implement a differentiated “summit” idea.Learn how to bring this framework and toolkit back to your school through new blended, online, and face-to-face resources. This event is in partnership with Aust Cyber and the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship Want to work in cybersecurity?Come experience one of the NAIS Innovation Kitchen’s “recipes for innovation”: the Magnetic Mountain (MM).Dr Neli Demireva will be attending ‘Academic Speed-Dating’ Networking Lunch organised by the Migration and Mobility Network (funded by The Oxford Research Cetre in the Humanities TORCH).


SOFIA (Reuters) - Couples lining up to face each other are given 30 seconds to chat before moving on - in a version of speed dating that, rather than sparking romance, aims to promote understanding and integration for new immigrants.As category mega-brands—Axe, Gillette, Dove and Old Spice—invested heavily to forge strong bonds with Millennial men, Speed Stick continued to launch me-too products with little marketing support.If Speed Stick was going it to survive, the value brand had to up its ante on innovation, launching a pipeline of premium products that would stand out at shelf and connect with twenty-something men who long left the brand behind.The topic area Innovation combines the joint booth for young and innovative companies, the joint booth “E-world meets Start-ups” as well as the exhibitors of the area for science and research.

The programme is complemented by an open expert forum.

The AFCEA Technology Committee and AFCEA senior staff evaluated more than 65 proposals to select the seven submissions that widely represented our overall call for abstract topics below: Solutions will be presented in the Cyber Innovation Pavilion on Wednesday, June 14.


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