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On May 12, 2009, it was confirmed that Murray and Hilarie Burton (Peyton) had declined to return for the seventh season, although accounts of what transpired vary.

Their characters (Lucas and Peyton) had been two of the five main protagonists, and had provided one of its central love stories, throughout the show.

The theme was removed from the opening in the fifth season; Schwahn said that this was to lower production costs, to add more time for the storyline, and because he felt that the song was more representative of the core characters' adolescent past than their present maturity.

The credits then consisted only of the title written on a black background.

A note of caution is in order, for some aspects of the script are not characteristic of Maimonides’ autographs.

7 And he should be careful not to eat unripe dates, 8 Christ's Thorn jujube, green almonds, carob, green broad beans, 9 carrots and any food that contains vinegar 10 or taro.

1 סכר אוקיה גרוי תחל במא חאר 2 ויעצר עליהמא מא לימונתין וישרב 3 פאתרא לל̈קי ובעד אלקי בסאעה 4 ילע̈ק אוקיתין שראב לימוא וסכנגבין 5 ענצלי מפתרה בנאר לינה מחרכה 6 בקלוב ריחאן תרנ̇גאני ו̈קלוב נענאע 7 אכ̇צר ויחדר אכל אלטלע 8 ואלנב̈ק ואללוז אלאכ̇צר ואל̇כרנוב ואלבא̈קלי אל 9 אכ̇צר ואל̇גזר וכל טעאם ידכלה ̇כל 10 או ̈קלקאס ויתנקל באלזביב ואל 11 פס̈ת̈ק ואלתין ואל̇גוז כאצה והסיר 12 השם ממך כל חולי ושלום הדרתה ירבה לעד 13 נצח סלה 1 One ounce of sticky sugar melted in hot water.

2 He should squeeze juice from two lemons onto it and drink 3 it lukewarm in order to vomit.

At first it looked no different from other medical recipes.


But upon closer inspection I realised that it might be an autograph of Maimonides!

The show is the fourth longest running series on The CW network, or the networks that came together to make it up (The WB and UPN), only behind Smallville, 7th Heaven, and Supernatural. The main storyline in the early seasons is the relationship between two half-brothers, Lucas and Nathan Scott, who start out as enemies but bond as the show progresses.


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