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Richard Kimble in a remake of the classic television series The Fugitive. In 2002, Daly guest-starred as himself in the TV series Monk in the episode "Mr.

Monk and the Airplane", briefly reuniting him with his Wings castmate Tony Shalhoub.

In an interview with New Zealand 'ZM' radio personality Polly Gillespie, Daly was quoted as saying, "I think part of it (his self-critical nature) is passed down to me from my parents who are actors. When you entered you were expected to live up to the example of this glorious place." Wings is an American sitcom that ran on NBC from April 19, 1990, to May 14, 1997.

It starred Daly and Steven Weber as brothers Joe and Brian Hackett.

The show was set at the fictional Tom Nevers Field, a small airport in Nantucket, Massachusetts, where the Hackett brothers operated the one-plane airline, Sandpiper Air.

Daly also became noted for voicing Clark Kent/Superman in Superman: The Animated Series during this time. Todd Harris formed Daly-Harris Productions, through which he produced such movies as: Execution of Justice (1999) (TV), Urbania (2000) and Tick Tock (2000).

The company's producing credits include the Los Angeles premiere of Vincent J.


Daly describes himself as being highly self-critical in regard to his career.

As a voice-actor, Daly portrayed superhero Superman and his alter ego Clark Kent in Superman: The Animated Series (1996–2000), but was unable to return as Superman (thus being replaced by Christopher Mc Donald in Batman Beyond and George Newbern in Justice League), as he was under contract to star in a remake of the 1960s TV drama The Fugitive.

He reprised his role as Superman in the video game Superman: Shadow of Apokolips and the direct-to-video releases Superman: Brainiac Attacks, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse and Justice League: Doom.

He graduated from college in 1979, and returned to New York to continue studying acting and singing.


Daly debuted on stage when he was seven years old in Jenny Kissed Me by Jean Kerr, together with his parents and two sisters.

He appeared for the first time on TV when he was 10 years old in an American Playhouse adaptation of An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen, which starred his father James Daly.


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