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When they ask questions, give them as much honesty as possible with as few details as possible.

If you don't know what will happen next it's perfectly acceptable to say that you don't know at the moment.'It's also good to own your part of what is happening.

I have lots of clients where the children find out the affair and they've been keeping it secret for ages.

'Preferably the news should come from both parents together but particularly the parent that has had the affair.

'Arguing is a skill and my advice is learn the skills because not only are you going to have much better arguments but you're also going to be teaching your children to argue effectively.'If there is going to be violence and you're going to avoid violence by leaving then that's a good thing to do, but it's also important that you come back in a reasonable amount of time and that you actually talk to your children and don't leave them to make their own interpretations.' 'Children of different ages understand different things. your child might tell you that their friend hasn't seen their father since his parents divorced – that's a very important thing to address.It's going to be really difficult because the injured party is going to want to say an awful lot about it and the person who has had the affair is not going to want to say anything.' It's always messy when a couple splits up, even more messy if there are kids involved and even more again when they're famous.


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