Intimidating music


High-flyer Scott made plenty of enemies during his 17 years with the DEA where he gained a reputation as a ruthless agent who would often boast to suspects he was the 'baddest (mother)' along the Interstate 12, in Louisiana and styled himself as the 'white devil.'On another occasion, Scott was actually suspended for allowing an informant to use his own money during a sting to try and prove to the dealer that the deal was legitimate. Arthur Lemann III, a veteran defense attorney who accused Scott of 'outrageous misconduct' in a federal drug case, told The Advocate: 'I've always felt that he was sort of off the books, that he was a guy who would go to extremes that I felt violated a sense of equal justice.'Scott had emailed her, comparing her decision to an incident last September where her husband had been attacked during a break-in at her French Quarter home but was subsequently only charged with a municipal misdemeanour.Do you have a story or even a question about this vocal piece? Please note that all comments are moderated, and will not appear until I have approved them.I set it high (good practice for your late elementary/ early intermediate students, to read the left hand in treble clef!) where it has a delicate sound: Transposing this arrangement would be excellent practice for your late intermediate students who need to firm up their chord inversions in all keys.I'm actually a high school student who teaches piano to elementary/middle school students!


See the version AFTER the one below, to see the chords spelled out in the bass staff.

Here, I found a wonderful site where I spent more than 3 hours and downloaded some music. Sue:..everyone, I'm trying to open ears, encourage the active use of eyes, develop reading skills, and above all, keep the musical spirits engaged.


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    Polytheism (from Greek πολυθεϊσμός, polytheismos) is the worship of or belief in multiple deities, which are usually assembled into a pantheon of gods and goddesses, along with their own religions and rituals.

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