Aids dating meeting

We need urgently to live by values which accept that sexual love in its fullness is to express only within lifelong and faithful marriage.

Only in this way can we safeguard and develop what is noblest and best in human nature.

Initiatives conducted in partnership with mass media outlets have proved to positively contribute to changing the HIV-related attitudes and behaviours of millions of people at very low cost.

The compassion and care for those who are infected, sick and for their families must go paripassu with a vigorous and uncompromising campaign to educate those at risk because of the dangers of sexual irresponsibility. One question that remains difficult to answer is, how we alter the expectations and attitudes of young people at the rural communities of our country towards sexuality with different cultural beliefs.

As I write this article more and more people are being infected daily by HIV infection and are migrating to rural communities once diagnosed and confirmed. Past and present experiences proclaim loudly that a rigid and onesided emphasis on sexual morality is counter-productive and causes dangerous reactions.

It has brought relationships and marriages to an abrupt end, leaving hearts broken and souls shattered.


Being an incurable ailment that ends in catastrophe, except dictated early, people find it difficult to associate or have something in common with people infected with this disease let alone making love to them.The communities must clearly condemn immorality but never disown the one that committed such act because it would be quite clear that there are sufferers who have contacted the illness through no fault of their own.


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    Don't just watch the over-the-top wedding episode -- ease into it, so that you can fully enjoy every bite.

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    A tradition of excellence was beginning to evolve, and in 1892 two Columbia graduates were admitted to Cornell University.

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