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He claimed he appeared on Channel 4 dating show My Little Princess and was revealed to be a member of a gang responsible for selling 'significant quantities' of class A drugs.

Police said he enjoyed living the 'high life' and gambling after they seized more than 4million worth of heroin and cocaine when they raided the gang's 'stash house' in Brent, north west London.

And Luan Plakici, who drove a Ferrari, is currently serving 23 years for smuggling in 60 women to the UK to be used for prostitution, the Sun reports.

A photograph showed him lying on a sofa holding a wad of money.

It comes as scores of Albanian criminals have uploaded photographs to brag to friends and family members on Facebook and Instagram.

national Ardi Beshiri, 27, took a series of selfies on his i Phone which showed him holding huge wads of cash Besiaj (pictured) was photographed trying to 'eat' a huge wad a cash and it is not known whether he has been convicted of any offences Ardi Beshiri, 27, was caught with 28 wraps of cocaine hidden in his socks in London and was jailed for six years and eight months.


'The threat faced from Albanian crime groups is significant.

Mevlan Dema also pleaded guilty to money laundering. Kadri Dema was sentenced to three and a half years, as were Izmir Dema, 25, Ramazam Capa, 21 and Gjenti Capa, 27, all of no fixed address, Ndricim Xhepha, 28, of London Road, Brighton, and Klinton Dani, 23, a kitchen porter, of Pool Valley, Brighton.

In March, Judge David Rennie handed prison terms to each one of them, praising the investigation as policing at its best. The gangs second in command Leonard Dema, 35, of Pennymead, Harlow, Essex, was jailed for three years.

Through many of its unique properties, Bitcoin allows exciting uses that could not be covered by any previous payment system.

Albanian gangsters in cahoots with South American drug gangs and sex traffickers are slipping into Britain and flaunting their fortunes on Facebook and Instagram The National Crime Agency is fully aware of the Albanian crime groups in Britain It said they are 'expanding their network of influence' within UK organised crime Albanian nationals are boasting online by uploading pictures of them with cash Albanian gangsters have established a 'high profile influence' within UK organised crime and are boasting about their fortunes by posing for selfies with huge wads of cash.

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