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During the time we have worked together, I learned so much from him…in particular Ed's dedication and enthusiasm taught me that great things can be accomplished in life when you care little about who gets the credit. When the staccato exhaust hit the underside of Westbourne Bridge, the reverberations could be heard and felt by all those within earshot; wonderful memories, wonderful times…Indeed visitors to this site can be broken down into three main categories: the person researching a particular project, the person looking for an old-fashioned nostalgic wallow or the hardcore railway buff who is interested in every minute detail of every permutation of every aspect of railways; the kind who'll surf the site for days on end and probably not care where they end up!

(Left-Below) It is said that a picture on its own is worth a thousand words, but the converse can also be true as I hope you'll find when going through the pages on this site.

You will find a number of similar arrow images further down the page.

These will link you to the Reporting Numbers used by the Western Region after nationalisation.

Note that the PNG in question appears to have been harmless (nothing suspicious detected by 36 different scanners). We've been planning to add an auto-updating system for donation bonuses, but due to some technical issues it may not be possible in time for the impending release.

It is now too late to donate for the bonus features in Sven Co-op 4.7, by the way. If you're planning to donate, you would be advised to do so immediately if you'd like to get your bonus features in Sven Co-op v4.7. STEAM_0:4567) with the donation, or send it by e-mail after donating.

Born in London in 1940, Ed was just 2 years-old when his family moved to Surrey to escape the London Blitz.

So I asked Ed if he would be willing to pass on the findings of his studies for the benefit of site visitors, and I am delighted he kindly agreed.Some years later he joined the Great Western Society and regularly attended their open days.Then in 1981 he started collecting postcards of WR main line steam, many purchased from John Smith, proprietor of Lens of Sutton on Westmead Road, then a Mecca for serious students of transport.However, at the beginning of the page I do need to add some overall provisos in, as some lists are not complete and might, despite considerable effort, contain errors and missing details.

I do not mind if visitors are asked to offer corrections and additions; I do not have a crippling pride, my purpose has always been to get the thing right for myself, and I well know that out there are a lot of very knowledgeable enthusiasts who visit your site, and so it would be great if their knowledge could be shared with others…'Ed's humbling words sums up the spirit of the World Wide Web perfectly and I am proud to feature his work on this page.

If you donated after SC4.6 but never received a reply, we may have been unable to contact you for some reason.


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