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Hunters harvesting an adult buck that has dropped its antlers should validate the kill and insert the harvest authorization number on an authorization space specified for an antlerless deer on the hunter’s Big Game Harvest Report Card or Bonus Antlerless Harvest Report Card.

Information for cities, towns and villages The Urban Archery Season is available for cities, towns and villages that submit to the Wildlife Resources Commission by April 1 of each year a letter of intent to partici pate in the season.

NC hunters should always refer to the 2017-2018 North Carolina Hunting Regulations Digest for a complete list of regulations, season dates, and bag limits, on the NC wildlife link below the deer harvest information.

Either-Sex Deer Seasons Youth Deer Hunting Day  Deer of either sex may be taken by hunters under the age of 18 on this day.

Coyotes may be taken at night in all counties except Beaufort, Dare, Hyde, Tyrrell and Washington.


3012 Norwood 704-474-3416 [email protected] Oak Ridge 336-215-5005 704-485-3351 704-889-2291 919-542-3200 Garden 336-674-3002 336-495-7500 704-463-1308 [email protected] 336-835-2061 [email protected] 919-777-1104 704-484-6801

 It unlawful to hunt on Sundays on public lands, except that military installations under the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal government may allow hunting on Sundays.

On Sundays, on private lands, the following apply:  Hunting with firearms between a.m. is prohibited except on controlled hunting preserves;  Hunting migratory birds is prohibited;  The use of firearms to take deer that are run or chased by dogs is prohibited;  Hunting within 500 yards of a place of worship or any accessory structure thereof, or within 500 yards of a residence not owned by the landowner, is prohibited; and  Hunting in Wake and Mecklenburg counties is prohibited.

However, most seasonal dates that are different from last year are the result of the annual shift of days in each year’s calendar.

General Restrictions  Lawful seasons and bag limits for each species apply beginning with the first day of the listed season and continuing through the last day of the listed season, including Sundays for private lands, with Sunday hunting restrictions listed in the next paragraph.Manner of taking Definition of Take To take is defined as all operations during, immediately preparatory and immediately subsequent to an attempt, whether successful or not, to capture, kill, pursue, hunt or otherwise harm or reduce to possession any fisheries resource or wildlife resource.


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