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Now, after being released in 2014, 52-year-old Alig has stepped back into the New York City nightlife, hosting a weekly party called Outrage on the Lower East Side with fellow former Club Kid and DJ Keoki.He says he tries not to read negative reaction online about his re-emergence on the scene, and the weekly party actually turned out to be rather fortuitous – landing him a free four-bedroom loft in Paterson, New Jersey.‘One night at Outrage, this man approaches me; it turns out that he’s a multi-billionaire,’ Alig tells Daily We were also kind of a combination of two subcultures.We were a combination of yuppies and punks, because punks would dress up in these crazy outfits and then, when you’d look at them, they’d say, “Why are you looking at me?He says he still keeps in touch with most of the Club Kids.‘It was, and has remained, like a family,’ he tells Daily ‘When family members get in trouble or do stupid things, you don’t disown them; you let them know how you feel about what they did and you can’t do that again …But then you welcome them back into the family, because that’s what a family does.They were the stars of New York City nightlife in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s with their outrageous looks and antics, simultaneously striking fear into the hearts of parents across the country.

A documentary was made of the same name – Party Monster: The Shockumentary, which is currently filming a sequel, and another documentary about Alig’s life, Glory Daze, is streaming on Netflix.

We were the new punks but with an eye towards making money.’He says: ‘We were social media before social media …

we were like a physical human version of social media’ – creating parties and looks and ideas that would go viral, but through means such as word of mouth, without the internet.

Their heyday was abruptly cut short, however, when Alig, a native of Indiana, and his roommate Robert ‘Freeze’ Riggs pleaded guilty to manslaughter in 1997 in the killing and dismemberment of their fellow Club Kid Andre ‘Angel’ Melendez.

He was killed in the men’s Manhattan apartment and kept in the bathtub for nearly a week before Alig chopped up his body, stashed it in a suitcase and the pair threw the victim into the Hudson River.Riggs was released in 2010.‘Weirdly enough, we haven’t talked, and I don’t know why that is,’ Alig tells Daily ‘I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence, or he’s just done his own thing; so have I.


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