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After the five-course meal, Mr Smith says: "It was really hard to concentrate on the person I was talking to.

"I was sat next to this girl who got freaked out because we both thought the other was talking to different people, but we weren't, so we had been sat there in silence." Candles are brought in after the fourth course, something Mr Smith says filled him with relief as he thought he could be "normal now".

Billed as the new dating experience, the event by Yahoo!

Personals is aimed at young, single professionals who are too busy working to have time to go out and meet people.

Anna Strong, 27, from south-west London, who has been single for a year, is at the event at the Ascots Restaurant in Oxford Street to "see what it is all about".


- Post your own personal ad - Search profiles - Contact anyone for free - Receive letters from others - It's all free and anonymous Many other online dating services that promise it all free and then charge you for contacting other members, advanced search, etc."You can have a bit of a laugh and it will make a great story to tell." Before heading into the darkness Miss Strong, who runs a singles website, says she is excited and nervous about what it is going to be like.


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    Once money has been sent to the criminals, they will delete the fake profiles and cease all form of communication.

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