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In the end, we decided you must be a fucking poofter". " "Well, sir" says Johnny "we sat down in the living room and drank an espresso, read your note and talked, then we poured ourselves a cognac, smoked a joint and talked some more.The cows eyes begin to straighten, but the vet soon loses his breath and the cows eyes are crossed again. " A husband and his wife agreed that anytime they want to make love, they will call it a 'PHONE CALL' so that the kids will not decode.The vet gives it another try, but loses his breath again. One day, the husband sent his son to tell his mother that he wants to make a phone call.Grinning, he looked across the pond and yelled out "Frog will you marry me? It's absolutely free and registration is not required. " The frog looked back across the pond shaking its head "How many times do I have to tell you? Click here to check it out and prepare to lose your day! Falcon XY GTHO at Bathurst, muscle car at its best. Reminds me of the days of real motor racing, with cars that were actually driven on the old cock, sorry,..tits, porn, or funny pics. In the pond, you will see a frog sitting on a log who can help solve your dilemma. Each time the frog declines your proposal, your penis will be five inches shorter". The man's face lit up and he dashed off into the forest. " The frog looked at him dejectedly and replied "NO". The frog rolled its eyes back in its head and screamed back "NO!




The wife was of course waiting up, ready to moan as usual. The veterinarian -a seventy-year-old man- inserts the pipe and blows. " The farmer replies "You don't think I'm gonna put my mouth on the same end of the pipe that you had YOUR mouth on, do ya?

A priest is driving down the road when he comes across a pig lying dead in the road. A cocky desk sergeant laughed and said "Did you give it the last rites? -- I fainted in the curry house when I heard REM had split up. -- I applied for a position at Apple today only to be told there are no Jobs left...



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    La Robinson ha aggiunto: ”In alcuni soggetti la risposta della dopamina è così bassa che non riescono a raggiungere un’erezione senza ulteriori e costanti stimoli tramite internet”. L’unica indicazione terapeutica che emerge dall’articolo “Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction is a Growing Problem” è il rimanere astinenti dalla stimolazione erotica di internet; un periodo di alcuni mesi (6-12 settimane) senza l’assidua frequenza ai siti porno permetterebbe al cervello di resettarsi e “disintossicarsi” dalla pornografia.

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    , 2016, Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old security guard, killed 49 people and wounded 58 others in a terrorist attack/hate crime inside Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, United States.

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    Through Tina & Andreas, you can search, message and chat with hundreds of german girls and guys; meeting that special german girl and forming a lasting relationship is as easy as clicking on any one of the photos and singles ads available online. We are serious about finding you your perfect match.

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    So often we forget that we are a couple traveling together. The worst thing a couple can do when traveling together is to start acting like friends.

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    The Bermuda Police Service confirmed that an investigation took place into the crime, but are otherwise flummoxed. Asked if the lack of funds has had any impact on the club, Mr Minors added: We are able to operate, but not in the capacity we would like to. Carlton Smith, president of Cleveland County, said: If we get the money and everything is straight then everybody is happy.

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    Some stayed in Spain, Portugal and Italy, and from there migrated to Europe.

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    "Our members expect to find genuine profiles, with genuine opportunities to fall in love and enter into a relationship," the disclaimer reads.

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    Using our tool you will gain the victims account username and password, and some extra details like IP and country victim used to login.

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