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We would be backpack spike camping and hunting public lands, what is October like in that area as far as weather? Louis)) My son and I are planning an elk hunt Sept 17-22. I'm looking for other hunters who would like to share camp and hunt and help each other if we get elk, packing it out. We just wrapped a trip with SLO, worst experience out of 17 outfitters between a buddy and myself.

I would appreciate any contacts or advice on this idea, I'm not tied to the plan yet but would like to go if there is opportunity for a fun hunt. We thought open range, public land hunt was the right call, however, Russ Lambert and SLO sell a guided hike and sub standard food/ accommodations.

really need to put meat in the freezer this year any info please email [email protected] you in advance for any info. (Colorado) I live in Colorado and usually hunt 67 or 68, but this year wound up with a cow tag for 54 (West Elk Mtns northwest of Gunnison) for 1st rifle.

I have done some research and have found certain areas seem to be better than others..

I'm just trying to put a cow in the freezer, so any stories of success, info on drainages or parks that have been good in the past, anything, I could use. I too got lucky and was able to get a EE 1st rifle tag, I looked at the hunt planner and found the migration routes and summer and winter concentration areas. COM and I would forward these maps and other information that may help you out. A group of us are planning on hunting unit 12 or 24. by Dan (New york) I am going to area 551 for 2nd rifle my question is, I was told there is no ATV use in Colorado unless it is a registered vehicle. I am from out of state and my ATV is registered in my home state.

by robert morgan (Erie, PA) Retired 65 year old PA deer hunter and 15 time CO elk hunter is starting to plan a 2014 archery hunt in Colorado. I have a friend that has some success by Vaughn Lake in Unit 12 but thought I would see if there anyone out there that would be willing to share some advice. Thank you Dan Here is a link to the Colorado Parks & Wildlife page that will give you more info to register your OHV.

And the deeper and darker the the woods get the better your chances seem to be..

Also timberline seems to be a general hang out at times..If you could post your email, I would like to share my thoughts on my hunting locations.


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