Mandy vanduyne dating

Taylor suspected the reason behind the breakup was because of Camilla Belle. The brothers also wrote a song, “Much Better,” which fans think it’s about Taylor and Camilla. Camilla Belle’s relationship with Joe Jonas came with some drama.

Taylor wrote a song about bad-mouthing Camilla and how she stole Joe from her.

It’s heartbreaking news to those who’s been a fan of Joe Jonas since the Jonas Brothers’ days. They’ve dated for less than a year, and because they kept their relationship mostly private, this comes as huge news.

She said, “Yes.” They announced their engagement on Instagram, and it’s been drawing a lot of attention.

They grew up together in the neighborhood, and she was a close friend of the Jonas’ family.

The Jonas Brothers’ first single, “Mandy,” from their album, It’s About Time, was inspired by her. Unfortunately, they only dated for a few months in the summer.

It should come as no surprise that he had his fair share of relationships with famous celebrity women that made headlines, such as: Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, and Ashley Greene.


He didn’t date for almost two years after the breakup.It was hard to have a relationship because Joe was always on the road with his family. AJ Michalkha is in a pop duo with her sister, called Aly & AJ. When My Space was a thing back then, AJ blogged about her relationship with Joe.Jonas Brothers were at the start of their career, and they were busy with the tours. Even though they were both Disney Channel Stars, their relationship was one that people forget unlike Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas. When she texted him she was in LA, he told her that he forgot because he was too busy.As soon as Joe broke it off with Taylor, he didn’t waste any time. They had dates in public, and it was obvious that they were an item.

Joe met Camilla while they were filming for Jonas Brothers’ “Lovebug” music video.

Everyone knows that Joe Jonas was quite the ladies’ man throughout his career.


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