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With the new requirements from updating electronic submission and CDISC implementation, understanding only SAS® may not be good enough to fulfill for final deliverables.It is a time to expand and enhance the job skills from various aspects under new change so that SAS® programmers can take a competitive advantage, and continue to play a main role in both statistical analysis and reporting for drug development.


According to the CDISC standard, there are four ways to represent a subject in a clinical study: tabulations, data listings, analysis datasets, and subject profiles6.

Column (variable) X is a key (unique identifier), and column Y is the value (what we want to change). It’s easy enough to fix by adding a WHERE clause: The new CALL EXECUTE method finishes in 4 minutes (90% faster! If using the CALL EXECUTE method, keep in mind a few things.

First, SAS doesn’t execute the CALL EXECUTE code immediately inside the DATA step: it executes once the DATA step finishes (“run”).

Is there something like an autonumber column that one can add to SAS?

CDISC stands for Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium and it is developed keeping in mind to bring great deal of efficiency in the entire drug development process.

A further issue to model building is how to deal with non-linearity in the relationship between outcome and a continuous predictor.


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