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Miller employs a structured transition offense intended to open up games, create foul trouble for opponents, and score before the defense can get set.

His offensive approach has been called "one of the most complete transition offensive systems you will find." He frequently uses a "Phoenix fast break" with players pushing the ball off of rebounds and turnovers in a flexible system that can take on a variety of alignments.

While at Arizona, Miller shined as a top recruiter, in that Arizona’s 2011 recruits were a Top 10 class, as well as a game strategist.

He designed the Wildcats upset of eighth-ranked Texas to get them to the Sweet 16.


His given name is "Ryan" but garnered the nickname "Archie" at an early age due to his personality being similar to that of Archie Bunker, the grouchy TV character, from All in the Family. Both he and his older brother Sean Miller played for their father, John Miller, a former coach at Blackhawk High School, who went 657–280 in a 35-year coaching career, including 104–29 in the postseason, before retiring in 2005. Sean later also hired Archie as an assistant at Arizona when he got the job in 2009.

He finished his career there with an 84.6% free-throw percentage, a 42.9 three-point field goal percentage, and 218 three-pointers, which were all marks that ranked in the top 10 in school history.


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