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If there are any areas of doubt remaining, I am sure that your GP would be happy to refer you on to a specialist gynaecologist or endocrinologist for further investigations.

Thank you for raising this question on such a sensitive subject.

I would think that it is much more likely that your clitoris is within the normal size range for a woman.

Everybody is different when it comes to the genital area and like men with different sized penises – women have different sized clitorises.

The two standard sex symbols are the Mars symbol ♂ (often considered to represent a shield and spear) for male and Venus symbol ♀ (often considered to represent a bronze mirror with a handle) for female, derived from astrological symbols, denoting the classical planets Mars and Venus, respectively.


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is false: we found no record of her ever having appeared as a guest on that program at the time this rumor was current.

Many urban legends that feature a shocking revelation being made on a television show identify Oprah’s as the one where it was voiced (e.g., designer R&B sensation Ciara just wants everyone to know: She’s all woman. The rumor that I used to be a man,” she told us at the launch party for Vibe Vixen magazine at Frederick’s.

Soul Train Music Awards in four categories, including best R&B/soul single, female (“Goodies”) and best R&B/soul or rap new artist. And around that time someone tied a salacious rumor to her — that she was born male but had been altered through surgical means to have the appearance of a female: I have heard a rumor that the R&B star, Ciara, was born male.

That he/she decided that he wanted to be a female at the age of 5, and his mother let him grow his hair out.

Perhaps the rumor about a talented young singer therefore properly lay at the feet of someone who could not conceive of there being more than one person in the world bearing that particular given name.



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