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You get both whisks and dough hooks included, but we found the attachments a bit flimsier than some.Buy now All the hand mixers in our roundup come with plenty of plus points, but forced to choose one that stands out above the rest, we’re going with the Bodum Bistro which looks smart and contemporary and is a joy to use and clean.Buy now This is a winner on all counts when it comes to the various tasks it’s designed to do – whisking, mixing and kneading, plus it looks nice and is quiet and very easy to clean due to clean, smooth lines and dishwasher-friendly parts.The storage unit works well too, but it is quite heavy so not great if you are likely to need to use it for longer periods, although this is slightly ameliorated by the soft-grip handle.Look out for a mixer with an ergonomic non-slip handle too.Check it’s got all the attachments you need for the job (definitely beater attachments, and whisks and dough hooks if you need them) and that these are a good length. Do you want a range of speed settings and/or a boost function for quick bursts of power?We found it twice as fast as mixing, blending, whipping and aerating by hand and it requires a lot less effort.


And, certainly with its hand mixer, we found it works well too, thanks to the five speed settings and turbo boost that work a treat on everything from cake batters to cream.

If you fancy yourself as a would-be Mary Berry, then you’ll almost certainly want a stand mixer in your life (see our guide of the best here).

But for the basics and shorter tasks (or if you can’t afford a stand mixer or have limited storage space) then a buying a hand mixer is the way to go.

This rubber-coated mixer comes in a range of funky colours, all of which look great.


Practically, it has easy-to-reach control buttons and makes light work of whipping, mixing and kneading with no need to stop any conversation dead in the kitchen as it’s so quiet.

If anything is going to bring rotary hand whisks back into fashion, this will. Buy now If you’re short on space, this small machine is easy to store, but will still do you proud when it comes to whisking, mixing and blending for simpler jobs.


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