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He graduated medical school at Tel Aviv University and served in the army as chief physician of the airborne infantry brigade and commander of the medical officers’ course in the military school of medicine.

She has been a pioneer in Italy in the study and application of new methods and technologies in Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics.

Athanasios Athanasiou was given the fuel to expand and build an upscale medical centre in the area of Glyfada, offering medical services across a wide range of specialties and covering various health and beauty needs.

Thus Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group was inaugurated in October 2011.

Raj has lectured at every major UK domestic conference as well as teaching extensively in Europe, South Africa, Russia, Middle East, India, Asia Pacific, Australia & New Zealand, Latin America and the USA.


To date he has lectured and taught over 30,000 HCPs in 36 countries over 6 continents.

He continued his training in California, USA, where he co-operated with long-standing professors at New Port Beach and Beverly Hills thus creating a strong relation of co-operation and ongoing exchange of opinions and techniques, hence the name of the Plastic Surgery Centre he founded in 2008 in Kolonaki (center of Athens), the “Athens Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery”, specializing in the field of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology.


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