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Yasmin, while still supporting Parveen, puts a hand on her right thigh to make Parveen shift her weight towards the right leg. I might have bruised my shoulders,” Parveen says, “but just the little weight before hurt like hell.” Having got Parveen seated Asma says “I have to say this appears similar to how, at a wedding, I heard one of my cousins describe her leg fracture which resulted in her having to spend several days in hospital. ” Parveen nods so Yasmin fetches two glasses of water.“Argh” Parveen can’t hold back a cry and her face contorts in pain. We’d better get you sitting in one of the easy chairs. I think we have to get you to the hospital and have your leg x-rayed.” Parveen says “Yes please, I don’t think I can hold out three hours until Jamal returns from work, but if you can find a man to call an ambulance perhaps you can ask him to call Jamal as well and tell him he might have to go to a hospital instead of coming home.” Asma says “I think the husband of Wafa, my neighbour on the other side, is home. Just try to relax, Yasmin will stay with you I’m sure.” Yasmin nods. Parween takes a long sip and then says “A man, perhaps more will be coming soon. I only cover my face with a scarf in public but if I’m going away to stay in a public place I would like to wear my burqa.for free chat rooms features, amazing online chat rooms, and mobile chat at the click of a chat now , chat no register , free text chat , random chat , Singles chat , Nickname , Age , Sex ( Male / Female ) , Country and State.The husband immediately signals he wants to feel Parveen’s leg and she nods so he folds her burqa around the leg and then he gently puts his hands around her lower leg and increases the pressure until, after just a few seconds, Parveen screams in pain.“You need to get to the hospital,” the husband says and produces his phone.Suddenly her peaceful moment is interrupted by a horrible cry by a female voice: “Aaargh, argh, ah, ah, ah” Yasmin drops the magazine and jumps for her burqa while flipping her eye veil down. Although she doesn’t adhere to strict purdah like herself she is a good Muslim and she would never intentionally raise her voice to a level to be heard outside the house.

It is set at the same location and has the same main characters but having read it is no prerequisite.I put it out on the wooden floor to vacuum the carpet under the coffee table, but then a fashion feature appeared on the television, and when it was over I thought about how I would look in the wonderful pink outfit it showed to absent-mindedly leave the table.With a flash of pain in my right toes I bumped into the stool, lost balance and stumbled forward.Supported by Asma, Parveen sits on the floor, her face contorted in pain and tears running down her cheeks.

After Yasmin had dropped her burqa on a chair a sobbing Parveen says: “That bloody foot stool!

On arriving in the street she sees a woman holding a scarf across her face as a veil opening the door to Parveen’s yard.


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