Sex site no regisrration no bullshit


SORNA establishes minimum standards for sex offender registration and notification in the United States.

There are currently over three quarters of a million registered sex offenders in the US.

It is a deeply emotional and visceral issue that has been able to easily capture the support of the politicians and the public.

But the wave of seemingly automatic public support has enabled and encouraged the legislators to go too far too fast.

Perhaps this also goes back to some of the puritan cultural roots of the country with “cleansing” through punishment and public shaming; but of course, that’s conjecture on my part.

It’s also a long article, and I hope you’ll have the patience to read it through to the end.

The legislators latched onto this, because it’s a political “no brainer” – it gets them elected.

But there has been no check on it, and the administrative and punitive solutions for dealing with the offenses have been implemented with no data or evidence of efficacy.

After all, the US has the most draconian sentencing laws in the world, and this has been a function of the will of the electorate – you get what you vote for.

When the families of sex offense victims say they want “justice,” what they really mean is they want revenge, and the SOR’s help see that they get it, and get it, and get it.They do effectively impose long-term (often lifetime) punishment and public shame upon the registrants, but they’ve been shown to not accomplish their purposes of community safety and preventing repeat offenders.


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