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The team completes an Alpha version of the Hicky application and opens it to close friends and business associates to gather initial feedback.The Alpha includes the following features: encrypted messaging, encrypted data storage and identity verification via face scan technology.We neither encourage or discourage exchange trading of our tokens.We do understand our customers are pioneers, and they don’t know how much capacity they need.We will initially launch the DApp in english, making it available to users in the European market.We will be focusing on building a strong brand within Europe before expanding to further countries.The team will be expanded in order to cater to the different projects.

The cofounders from (Michael and Tim) joins as advisors with experience in crypto finance and token architecture respectively.We will be focusing on forming strong relations with our partners.Furthermore, our monetization concepts will be implemented.From our European base we will be making Hicky available in countries beyond Europe, mainly Asia, as the adoption of dating apps is already strong in many of the countries.

We will onboard more further team members to cater for the expansion and also provide valuable insights into the market specifics.

The token sale event will start with a private sale on the 14.


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