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15 Choir Choir 1 Accordian Chords Accordian Bass Violins Brass Arp Country Guitar Arp Fuzz Arp Trombone Augmented 8 Choir Bass Accordian Bason & Flute Bassoon Birotron Choir Birotron Organ Birotron Strings Birotron Woodwind Birotron Choir - Looped Birotron Organ - Looped Birotron Strings - Looped Birotron Woodwind - Looped Black Sabbath Choir Black Sabbath Effects Black Sabbath Orchestra Bill and Vincent Trombones & Trumpets Boys Choir Brass 1 Brass 2 Brass B Revised Cello Cello & Strings Chamberlin Harp 1 Chamberlin Harp 2 Chamberlin Voices Choir 2 Choir 3 Choir Chords Choir Organ & 8 Choir Clarinet Classical Choir Combined Brass Double Bass EFX 2 English Accordian Flutes French Horn Genesis Split Guitar Halfspeed Tron Hammond C3 Slow Hofner Bass Both Pick-ups Hofner Bass Front Pick-up Hofner Bass Rear Pick-up M300 Solo Violins M300 Strings M300 Violins Mandolins Mixed Brass Megatron Megatron Organ Megatron Strings Male Female Choir Mixed Choir Mk II Flute Mk II Church Organ Mk II Guitar Mk II Piano Mk II Tenor Sax Mk II Trombone Mk II Violins Mk II Organ No 2 Mk II Vintage Violins Mk II Violin Orchestra Moog Bass & Bells Muted Bras Oboes Orchestra Orchestra Moog Optigan Bossa Nova Style - Looped Optigan Cha Cha - Looped Optigan Classic Guitar - Looped Optigan Easy Does It - Looped Pipe Organ Rhythm 1 Rhythm 2 Rhythm 3 Rhythm 4 Rhythm 5 Rhythm 6 Rhythm 7 Rhythm 1 - Looped Rhythm 2 - Looped Rhythm 3 - Looped Rhythm 4 - Looped Rhythm 5 - Looped Rhythm 6 - Looped Rhythm 7 - Looped Roxy EFX Remastered Abbey Road - Brass 1 Remastered Abbey Road - Cello Remastered Abbey Road - Choir 1 Remastered Abbey Road - Choir 2 Remastered Abbey Road - Clarinet Remastered Abbey Road - Combined Brass Remastered Abbey Road - Double String Section Remastered Abbey Road - Flutes Remastered Abbey Road - M300 Strings 2 Remastered Abbey Road - Mk II Flute Remastered Abbey Road - Mk II Guitar Remastered Abbey Road - Mk II Violins Remastered Abbey Road - Orchestra Remastered Abbey Road - Orchestra Moog Remastered Abbey Road - Pipe Organ Remastered Abbey Road - Strings 1 Remastered Abbey Road - Tripled 8 Choir Remastered Abbey Road - Vibes Remastered Abbey Road - Viola & Cello Sad Strings Saxophones Second Flute Solo Viola Sound FX1 Split Choir St Peter's Choir - Oo St Peter's Choir - Ah Strings 1 Strings 2 Strings 3 Strings & Choir String Section Synth Brass Synth Trumpet Tripled 8 Choir Vibes Viola & Cello Violins 1 VP Choir VP Ensemble VP Male VP Rhythm 1 VP Rhythm 2 VP Swell VP Choir - Looped VP Ensemble - Looped VP Male - Looped VP Rhythm 1 - Looped VP Rhythm 2 - Looped VP Swell - Looped Wine Glass Woodwind Yes Strings 16 Violins Brass Bones & Pets Combined Brass Combined Choir Combined Violins Custom Male Voice Double String Section Mandolin & D6 Clavi Mixed Brass Mk II Brass Sabbath Choir Sabbath EFX Sabbath Orchestra Saxophone Solo Trumpet Split Boys Choir Tenor Sax Trombone Sax Trumpet Woodwind 1 Woodwind 2 The M-Tron Pro virtual instrument is a remarkable emulation of the classic Mellotron — the unique tape playback keyboard made famous by such luminaries as The Beatles, Yes, Led Zeppelin and The Moody Blues.

The 3.5GB sound library features nearly 200 tape banks (sample sets) including those from the M-Tron, 19 of which have been remastered at London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios resulting in a warmth of tone surpassing the originals.

Lift the lid of the M-Tron Pro and you’ll discover a whole new set of easy yet powerful editing controls that take the Tron experience way beyond what the original inventors ever imagined.


These trademarks of other manufacturers are used solely to identify the products of those manufacturers whose tones and sounds were studied and or recorded during development of this product.Compatible formats include VST 2.4 (Mac/PC including VSTi), RTAS® (Mac/PC) and Audio Units (Mac).In other words, it’s easy to integrate M-Tron Pro with the rest of your studio and use it just about any way you want.When choosing a learning management system you’ll definitely need: - Wide range of Features offer quality online courses, create and sustain successful e-learning community - Free pre-sales and technical support - Free installation service - Ability to update and build up your site with new features along side with educational advancement.

- Hosting services - Customization service - Design integration service All this is combined in PG e LMS Pro software.

Artists such as The Moody Blues, Yes, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Genesis and later OMD, Radiohead and Oasis have used them to emulate strings, choirs and other orchestral instruments, while the BBC used them extensively for sound effects.


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