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and holds 70yds of backing, is marked with serial no. It was made in England and is marked #108 on the foot. It appears that it is missing a decal on the back plate. 2/3/4 Fly Reel - Reel diameter is 2 7/8", weight is 6.5oz. reel complete with all the extras such as a soft pouch, wrench, parts tube and oiler. They have skeletonized frames and ported spools that are made from durable, fully machined aluminum. The cardboard box is in fair condition with some damage and rips. large big game fly reel made by John Emery in the USA. This reel is in Lamson Model LP5 Salmon Fly Reel - Comes with two spare spools, each loaded with fly lines (one a Cortland DT9/10F Spey the other an 11 weight DT), this 4" diameter, 1 1/4" wide spool reel is set for right hand wind, and is in Cabelas LSR3 Fly Reel - The LSR (Lightweight Speed Retrieve) Cabela's fly Reels are the perfect match for today's lightweight, high-performance fly rods.Under the new arrangement Jim set up his own workshop, Concept Engineering where he continued to make the components for the centrepin reels which are now assembled in the Masterline works in Tewkesbury with final inspection being undertaken in person by Jim.In 2010 Jim sold out Concept Engineering to his former employee, Garry Mills who still supplies the bulk of the components to Masterline.

Set for right hand wind, this three tier model has a serial number "2-319" on the tail plate, and markings "Fin-Nor #2 - Designed by Gar Wood Jr." The curved name plate is blank on this 3 1/2" diameter, 1" wide spool reel that weighs 10.2ozs. It is in used condition, spooled with a Cortland WF12F Rocket taper line and backing. If payment is made by personal check please allow 7-10 days for shipment otherwise shipment will be next day. However, I do accept payment through Pay Pal but prefer a check or money order because of the Pay Pal fees. My phone # is 215-956-0993 and my email address is [email protected] Shipping costs will depend on weight and the destination zip code.

By 1965, a further merger had taken place, to form a conglomerate called Top Tackle, but this was a very short lived venture, which was promptly taken over by Shakespeare.

In 1966 Jim Young was instrumental in introducing a magnesium alloy multiplying fly reel which was later called the Fish Hawk, and other ‘Young’ lines were designed, including the Beaulite, the Condex, the Speedex.

Easily converts from right-hand to left-hand retrieve. I will accept a money order, bank check or personal check.

Large-arbor spools sport a wide design that increases backing capacity. And the two-tone silver and gloss-black finish presents the polished look of a reel costing hundreds of dollars more. Please confirm availability of item(s) and shipping costs either by phone or email before sending payment. A wide range of drag tension is easily managed with a large, knurled knob. Milam & Son, Orvis, Penn International, Pflueger Adam, Pflueger Templar, Pflueger Altapac, Pflueger Kihoga, Philbrook & Paine, Portage Niftee, Saracione, Seamaster Mark II, Seamaster Tarpon, Odgen Smith, Talbot, Wm. Talbot, Talbot Reel Co., Ustonson, Vom Hofe, Edward Vom Hofe, Julius Vom Hofe, Walker Salmon Reel, Walker, Otto Zwarg, and others.


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