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Many cost as little as (£12) and plenty of ladies agreed that it was the 'thought that counts' and they don't need an expensive piece of jewellery to celebrate their love.

Women from the UK also posted snaps on social media of their cut-price rings, with one doctor from Kingston upon Thames proudly sharing a snap of her opal and silver engagement ring, which cost £55.

I am moving to London next september with my boyfriend for postgraduate studies.

We are not from the UK so I would like to know if somebody could help with an estimation of the utility bills pcm(council tax, gas/electricity, water) just to have a general idea.

Women have taken to social media to proudly showcase their 'budget' engagement rings after one woman revealed she felt 'disappointed' with the £1,300 solitaire her fiancé presented her with.

As well as disliking the colour of the gold band and the setting, the anonymous woman, who shared her story on Mumsnet, couldn't understand why her normally generous partner, who earns close to a six figure salary, didn't spend more on such an important piece of jewellery.

One even said she sounded like the 'worst person imaginable' and expressed a hope that she gets dumped by her future husband.



One man shared a snap of his fiance proudly donning a £12.99 ring he snapped up a budget retailer, Argos.

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our wedding cost a simple 00 with only the closest of friends and family there.... It's about the paper you sign saying you are husband and wife May I add that paper was 0 so cost more than our rings.'The backlash came shortly after the original poster put her rant online with people branding her 'greedy'.

They said that she clearly cares more about showing off her bling than she does about the man she's marrying.

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