Updating my credit report Gambar sek dating america


Other information, specifically public records, can take a bit more time.

If you filed for bankruptcy, a tax lien, or another civil judgement is filed, it could take anywhere from one week to several months for it to appear on your credit report.

I think if you want to to get any help on this your best bet would be to contact Quicken support: Links are near the bottom of the page.

Maybe I'm blind, but I don't see any obvious place to submit a support question to Quicken/Intuit. Am I missing an obvious place to submit an e-mail or fill out a form to initiate a support request??

If you have opted in to the Financial Fitness Dashboard, your Vantage Score credit score, provided by Equifax, is updated once a month. The date of last update is listed in the text above your score.

Keep in mind, although we are updating your data every two weeks, your credit score may not actually change each time you view it.

I initially had a low score of 425, with 7 negative items on my report.


My credit score report says Next Update Oct-28-2016. Basically what is most likely the problem is the service is unreliable, and flakes out from time to time.

Consequently, there's sometimes a lag of a few of weeks between when you make a change to your account (like making a credit card payment, or opening or closing a credit account) and when this information is reflected on your credit report.



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