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Crop Diary) or tap the "Send All Data to PAM" button on the Sync Settings screen to send data from all Pocket PAM2 modules.


See Also: Synchronising Data using a 3G or 4G Internet connection To send data to PAM from Pocket PAM2, either tap the "to PAM" button from the home screen of the module (e.g.

We have set out to give you as much functionality in the Livestock Diary of Pocket PAM2 as you have in PAM’s Livestock Diary. Use this module for recording livestock events: movements, veterinary treatments, supplementary feeding, shearing, branding, breeding, purchases, sales, births, deaths etc.

Pasture Scout is used to record the Feed on Offer or Pasture Cover and Pasture Growth Rates of your pasture paddocks. Display graphs of Pasture Growth Rates, "Feed Wedges" & Total Pasture Cover Inventory of Harvested Produce.

as your background layer and then overlaying that, a layer of either waypoints or perhaps a gps Scout layer of crop scouting locations. PAM 8 (Fairport Club Membership required) or PAM Enterprise installed 2.


The Pocket PAM2 "Listener" installed on your PAM computer (available from the Downloads page on this web site - Fairport Club Membership required) [Please Note: Be sure to install the dot Net FX40_Full_Setup as well which you will find right next to the Listener download link] 3.

Use PAM tank mixes or create your own in Pocket PAM2. Reminders and Numeric Data types can be added on-the-go. Designed to be used by consultants to record in-the-field recommendations.



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