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Specialiștii în nutriție recomandă să nu sărim peste nici o masă, iar micul dejun să fie o veritabilă porție de sănătate și de energie care să îți ofere în același timp și senzația de sațietate până la masa de prânz.

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    My response is usually a polite decline or an “I’ll think about it”. Or let me rephrase that slightly, there are single men but they don’t seem to be interested in meeting the single women.

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    (I found out later that it was an Alix Dobkin song.) Leaving the venue my companion turned to me and exclaimed, “What’s great about her music is that she’s singing about lives.” Well, that and she looked so adorable in that silky shirt, jeans and handsome Frye boots.

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    After this, the moment is gone and you cannot bring it back, and it may prove difficult to build a trustworthy connection between you.

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