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Trying to find marriage details,etc, for ARMIGER who married JONES. Any info would be most welcome, i am told William would not wear his issued engine drivers cap, he was so proud of his engine he would only wear a Bowler when driving. Know Ann Hewlett was christened in Frampton on 24 November 1754 & was the daughter of Daniel & Elizabeth Hewlett (Family Search IGI refers: Index C02836 -3 Film: 855690) and that John & Ann have inscriptions in Frampton churchyard.I know that they have at least 2 children named SALLY ELIZABETH (born jas quarter 1975 Gloucester reg dist) and ROBERT WILLIAM (born jfm quarter 1978 Gloucester reg dist). Looking for any info on William Gardner, he was a steam engine driver with GWR. They had a daughter Ellen Louise born abt 1871, she married Albert James Allen in 1891. Possible that marriage is John Canning to 'Nancy Howlett' at St.My father Frederick Bernard Ash had a sister Blanche who married Bert Cresswell b August 1895. Please can anyone help me with Batch No's, source and film. I can see other Green families with same or near Batch No.s. Henry William Price born in Gloucester 1861 born to John Price a carpenter of Hare Lane Gloucester and Eliza Beckley born in Burdford, Henry married Sarah Ann Perkins in Gloucester and then moved to Canton, Cardiff.


I have bible pages that I can share for any birth information on either Richard or Elizabeth. I have traced the Ash family back several generations but would like information on Blanche & Bert's families. For instance I have a relative Joshua Green born Ledbury, Parents Thomas Green and Mary.It was interesting to see that their daughter who was baptised at St.



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