Dating customs in iran

Enjoy a tour of the city's highlights, with visits to the Karim Khan Citadel and the Bazar-e Vakil to visit the mosque, see an impressive traditional teahouse, and check out the converted bathhouse of Hamman-e Vakil.Later, wander the streets and mingle with the students in laid-back Shiraz.Alexander the Great burnt the city to the ground in 330 BC, but many remnants of its former glory remain and Persopolis lives on as one of the greatest wonders of the ancient world.Learn the history of this amazing ancient place and marvel at the stunningly preserved bas-relief carvings.Now converted into an anthropology museum, its interior is meticulously and beautifully decorated, with different rooms for changing and offering different temperatures, all with intricate domed ceilings.

Check out its wonderful preserved mud brick old towns, the Amir Chakhmag Complex, Jameh Mosque, Zoroastrian fire temple, and the ' Towers of Silence', among other things.It is a walled garden encompassing 5.5 hectares, and the residential building at one end looks out over fountains and manicured flora.The Kerman region is known for its fantastic mudbrick cities.The National Jewels of Iran date back to Safavid era, in which it was decided that national jewels belong to the National Treasury of government.


The valuable collection in this museum includes the pink diamond of Darya-ye-Noor (a mere 182 carats!

Visit the country's premier attraction, Persepolis. In Greek, Persepolis literally means the 'capital of Persia'.


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