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"She was a real family girl, she never stopped talking about her family, we are a very close family. She excelled in everything, but despite that she was so kind and generous, she would give you the shirt off her back." "We have got comfort from the fact they died together.

As they said in their wedding vows, they were not parted by death.

With so many members I know I'll find someone compatible. So many gorgeous girls in one place, so many possible matches. I like this place so much because I'm finding so many single men that I can talk to.

After a long line of failures in my love life, I needed a break. I can browse through so many South African male profiles without too much stress. It's the best dating website, no what what, no stress.

She attended bar school in London, where she met Mr Butterfield, and specialised in employment law.

Michala's family, who lived in Eccleshill and now live in Bingley, have been left shocked.


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