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In fact, there is little correlation of brightness to redshift at all!Either quasars come in an extremely wide range of intrinsic luminosities, as most people believe, or their redshifts do not indicate distance.” I don't think anybody knows for sure what's causing the redshift, but you certainly can't tell the distance to a star based on the redshift. They look at stars, and say: “That is redshifted more.

This fellow said in magazine: “Thus for us the only conclusion is that at least some quasars are relatively nearby, and that a large fraction of their redshift is due to something other than the expansion of the universe.” Basically he's saying that we're not sure what is causing the redshift. There's a good book I highly recommend this one, it is called, . He's got a whole section in here on page 52 about the redshift and the Doppler effect and what causes it. And these you could give out to every high school kid you know.It doesn't matter, you still get this Doppler effect; the change in pitch.



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    Within hours of a legislative hearing on California’s haphazard emergency alert system, a scorching wildfire raced out of control in Ventura County, sending 27,000 fleeing. Deducting casualty losses is never easy for disaster victims, and legislation in Washington has made it even more confusing this year. 2, President Trump signed a bill giving victims of Hurricanes ...

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