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By 1919, Rolex had grown and expanded so much, it moved to Geneva, Switzerland.

The growth of this luxury watch brand continued, eventually creating the household, luxury brand name that is so well-known today.

' data_translated='A very beautiful classic Rolex Oyster Date precision 6694 with a calibre 1225 Rolex 17 jewel movement. The case is fitted with a very beautiful so-called aftermarket, so not original, solid steel strap in new condition but it has all logos and numbers and a length of 25 cm in open condition.

It has a beautiful anthracite grey dial of a more recent date, with silver hands and markers, fitted with date display. It comes with an original inner and outer Rolex box, as well as a "Your Rolex" booklet.. 34 mm, measured excluding crown, and it measures 42 mm from strap attachment to strap attachment.

His dream was to create a watch you could wear on your wrist.

At the time (the early 1900s), wristwatches weren’t extremely precise, but Wilsdorf had the vision that these timepieces would not only offer a luxury accessory to users, but also be a reliable method for telling time.

This world-renowned brand also carries elegant and refined timepieces for both men and women.

Rolex watches are defined by enduring design, relentless refinement, and rejection of planned obsolescence.


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