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: An organization created by Black women in East Oakland that is a community controlled alternative and/or addition to calling 911 for emergency medical care.They created it after the ambulances were just not showing up or cops were showing up first.: An organization that works with folks who have committed sexual assault or partner abuse who want to take accountability.


You know that police violently escalate peaceful interactions and murder black people with impunity every single day in this country. How do you keep yourself safe without seeking protection from a system that is predicated upon the surveillance and extermination of others? We start by learning about the racist history of the police. We start by getting to know our neighbors and asking them to be a part of this process.

One of the most troublesome and obvious relations lies between drugs and security.



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    Women – supposedly – won’t date a man with little or no dating experience.

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    Aynı anda yan yana iki delik açabiliyor, böylece tohumlar eşit aralıklarla ekiliyor.

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    It's a great way to meet new people as it's far less intense than meeting people in the flesh.

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    That is why we have to keep in mind the geographical area in which this language is spoken, the culture and the society in which it is used, the speakers who use it, the listeners for whom it is used, and the purpose for which it is used, besides the linguistic components that compose it.

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    They flash some naked skin and show off their older bodies - you might see some sagging boobs and wrinkled skin. Watch horny MILFs (mother/mom I'd Like to fuck) playing around with monstrous vibrators and other sexual toys.

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    And detectives are due to fly to Britain later this month to interview Mrs Mac Keown again about the events surrounding Scarlett’s murder.‘That Channel 4 film was the final straw,’ said Mr Clarke, a divorcee who brought up two sons as a single parent. I know that she loves her children and that she is still grieving.

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    Come and join thousands of UK and international chatters.

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    Pasatieri is suing for damages but TMZ did not have details of the amount and 50 Cent had not replied to the website for comment.

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