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After Colosimo's death, his heirs sold their interest in the cafe to the restaurant manager, Michael Potson, who continued to run the restaurant successfully into the 1940s, when he was first sued by the famous comedy duo, Abbott and Costello over a gambling dispute, then indicted for gambling by the FBI.

A month later, he asked me to be his girlfriend in the Olive Garden parking lot with a dozen roses the day before I left for my Sophomore year of college.

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The crime was never solved, but many believe Torrio ordered the hit in order to consolidate power over Colosimo's gang, in which he had risen to be the number two man.


Frankie Yale, an associate of Torrio's from New York and head of the Unione Siciliane there, is the most likely gunman.

Andiorio began her career as a receptionist in the dormitory of what was then Mount Mercy College, where the young women referred to her as "Mrs.


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